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Case Study: Effect of Organic Social on Event Performance


Mike Shaw Toyota drives more than 200 people to their Overlanding Event leveraging the power of Organic Social.

The Challenge

Mike Shaw Toyota is the leading Toyota dealership in the region, renowned for its commitment to the community and passion for adventure. As we geared up for their much-anticipated Overlanding Event, we harnessed the power of Organic Social Media to drive attendance and create a custom audience list for retargeting.

The Approach

Mike Shaw Toyota decided to experiment with using Facebook to promote its Overlanding Event and expand their reputation within the Community. Leveraging User-Generated Content across both the Mike Shaw Toyota Facebook Page as well as the Overlanding Event Page, along with a Boosting Campaign focused on Engagement, to maximize awareness for the event.

The Results

This strategic approach resulted in a staggering 300 event responses and an impressive turnout of over 200 attendees. It also provided the dealer with a strong high-intender retargeting audience. The impressive reach of our Engagement Campaign also garnered all its 152 responses with a CPC of $0.19.


People Attended


Retargeting List

Overall we consider it a big success! The Toyota enthusiasts were the most excited to be there and thanked us for hosting an event like that.
~Eleanor Shaw Claiborne, Owner, Mike Shaw Toyota

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