Smart Home Devices & Artificial Intelligence: New Spaces for Advertisers

Smart home speaker

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting smarter every day, but in terms of overall utility, it’s still in the Stone Age. Or, is it? Introducing Google…

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Google | To Spend or Not to Spend?


When it comes to online advertising Google knows what it’s doing. If you really want to make an impact with your online marketing—Google Adwords is…

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UPDATE: Google AdWords Change Increases CPC

Google Change Increases CPC

We have been monitoring our client’s campaigns since Google removed ads on the right rail of search results, and we are already seeing a 7%…

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AdWords Update Reduces Ad Space

AdWords Update Affects Cost to Dealer Campaigns

  We learned this week, through Search Engine Roundtable, that Google will no longer show ads to the right of its search results. Based on…

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