You’re ‘Polling’ My Leg

Online Surveys and Car Buying

Whether it is a political poll or an automotive shopper’s poll, the biggest variable is the involvement level of the people being surveyed. They might…

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Spikes & Dips pt 5: Processes, Plans and Other Bridges

September 13, 2012 / Automotive program, Strong / 0 Comments /

Bridges are a tribute to ingenuity. They are an engineering marvel that gets us from here to there, and without them the road would stop! …

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Spikes & Dips pt 4: Rise and Fall of Website Traffic

On the way back from a dealer meeting, I had a very insightful conversation with our Digital Director at Strong, Gayle Rogers. In reviewing Internet…

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Spikes & Dips pt 3: Escalated Sales Create Depleted Spaces

The GOOD news is that almost every brand has a hot product – Camry, Cruze, Fusion, Altima, Sonata and the list goes on. Good core…

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Spikes & Dips pt 2: Last 10 Days Drives First 10 Days

read pt. 1 here In the course of a month, I visit dozens of dealerships and depending on the time of the month, the mood…

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