Using YouTube’s Free Marketing to Sell More Cars

YouTube iPad

When a shopper wants to see a car, it’s no longer the dealership showroom that they go to. Instead, many of today’s shoppers are turning…

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Coming Soon: Three Enhancements to Boost Your Display Marketing

Lightbox on Desktop

There are many advancements that we are currently testing that will benefit you and your dealership. Let me tell you about three new enhancements that…

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YouTube Looks to Change Where You Watch TV

YouTube is taking the next steps to being a complete content provider with the announcement of a live TV service.   Which networks are available…

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Gangnam Style

November 28, 2012 / John Paul Strong / 0 Comments /

While watching TV the other night, I came across a story about the highest viewed video on the history of the Internet.  “Gangnam Style” has over…

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