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Adding Custom Sitelinks For Labor Day Sales

It’s that time again. Summer is winding down, but before the heat moves on, it’s time to finish on a hot streak with a Labor Day sales push. This is your chance to finish the summer selling season strong with some of the best pricing and deals so far this year.

That means heavying up your digital presence for the holiday weekend in addition to increasing efforts in traditional media like television, cable, and radio. It’s also important to ensure that your Labor Day messaging runs at the right time and not after the actual holiday has ended. That’s where custom sitelink extensions enter the picture.

Timing Is Everything

Custom sitelink extensions appear below your actual ad copy in Google and allow someone to click on the exact page of your website that they want to visit. Adding your Labor Day sales message in this manner gives customers easy and immediate access to review some of your best deals of the year. Custom sitelink extensions are perfect for holiday events like Labor Day because you can put them on an exact run schedule. That means no Labor Day ad copy on the Tuesday following Labor Day Monday.

Quick Turnaround Time

Using custom sitelink extensions is also a more efficient method for getting ad copy up and visible on Google. If you want to run Labor Day messaging within each of your Google Ad campaigns, you’re typically looking at a full business day before Google will approve the copy. By using custom sitelink extensions, your sales message is up and running instantly.

Is Your Labor Day Plan in Place?

If not, you’re literally running out of time. Strong can implement custom sitelink extensions to make sure that you are communicating to your prospects that this holiday weekend is a great time to buy. Best of all, you won’t be off-message and telling potential customers that “now is the time to get a great Labor Day deal” when Labor Day ended 24 hours ago.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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