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Facebook Lead Ads: A Seamless Way to Collect Prospects

As an automotive dealer, getting more leads is always a top priority.

People are becoming more selective about the kinds of information they give out, and this can make the traditional contact forms less and less appealing.

Instead of focusing solely on website leads, harness the power of Facebook lead ads to meet your audience where they already are.

All About Lead Ads

Lead ads are a newer form of advertising on Facebook. They appear as posts on users’ timelines and feature dealership creative, ad copy and a call-to-action button.

That last part is what makes these ads interesting.

You can select from a list of pre-made buttons that entice your prospect to submit a form in return for information or an item that they are seeking.

For example, a vehicle ad may be accompanied by a “Get Quote” button, a finance ad could include “Apply Now,” or a service ad could feature a “Download” button for a coupon.

Once the customer clicks on the action button, Facebook will present a lead form pre-filled with information imported from their profile. This auto-fill is something that web forms can’t offer on their own.

When it comes to submitting information, easier means more effective. In two clicks, a prospect can submit their data and scroll to the next post on their feed.

You can choose what you want to display once the user submits a form. In most cases, this will be a thank-you page informing them that someone will be in touch soon. You can also elect to provide a download at this stage, as in the case of a coupon.

How Lead Ads Benefit Auto Dealers

In addition to serving as a simple and minimally invasive method for lead collection, these ads have several features that are especially useful for auto dealers.

For vehicle marketing, Facebook allows you to create carousel lead ads that pull from your current inventory. This is an excellent way to showcase what’s on your lot along with a “Get Quote” button.

Leads ads also allow you to upload custom disclaimers, making it simple to receive compliance approval.

Then, to keep track of all these leads, Facebook makes it easy by supporting CRM integration. This way, your leads will funnel directly into the sales software that your dealership is already using.

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Getting Started

Social media is where the future of digital marketing lies. That is why we run an aggressive social strategy with our clients that includes Facebook remarketing and lead ads.

If you’re not taking advantage of this platform, you are missing out on the most powerful advertising platform available today.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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