How to Leverage All the Data You Have at Your Dealership

July 9, 2019 / Newsletter / 0 Comments /
Shot of an unrecognizable businesswoman using a digital tablet with graphs on it in a modern office

SKIM IT – Your customer database can be an untapped marketing goldmine. – Use your database to build buyer profiles, locate buyer hotspots, and create…

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Paid Search: Adjusting Once a Day Won’t Cut It

Writing note showing Reality Check Ahead. Business photo showcasing Unveil truth knowing actuality avoid being sceptical written on Sticky Note paper on Wooden background Coffee Cup and Marke

Many dealers are now spending more money on Google Paid Search than they do on any other item in their advertising budget. But how many…

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Dynamic Display Ads

May 6, 2019 / Newsletter / 0 Comments /
Darts hitting in the target center with copy space for your text

Why Retargeting a Shopper with the Exact Product is a Smart Investment More and more dealerships that we represent are having a common problem. They…

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The Ad Sells the Click, Not the Car

March 7, 2019 / Newsletter / 0 Comments /
In the Creative Agency Close-up of the Woman's Hand Using Mouse and Typing on Her Personal Computer. In the Background Her Colleague Working on the Project.

When you see a great paid search ad, it’s easy to imagine your sales are instantly going to pick up. What you might not consider…

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