Can You Really Buy a Car Online?

Young smiling couple holding hands and connecting with a computer late at night, they are buying a car online

SKIM IT – More customers want to buy online, but not enough to threaten in-store sales. – Customers still want to sign the final documents…

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Survey Shows Car Buyers Aren’t Afraid of the Next Recession

Economy Charts

It’s hard to forget the Great Recession. From 2007 to 2009, stores shuttered, sales slumped, and unemployment became a scary reality for many people. If…

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Gain Followers with the Instagram Nametag Feature

For many auto dealers, growing your social media following is an important part of community relations. Social networks like Instagram are an easy and natural…

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One of CarMax’s Many Secrets

Nobody can argue with the success CarMax has had in becoming the best-known franchised used vehicle retailer. It’s sometimes mind-boggling when you read a cross-sell…

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