What Dealers Can Learn from Tesla’s Truck Unveiling

close up shot of broken glass of car window.Please see some similar pictures from my portfolio:

In November 2019, Tesla unveiled its first entry into the American pickup segment. CEO Elon Musk proudly introduced the electric, angular Cybertruck at a special…

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California Continues Promoting Clean Cars Despite Government Pushback

The automotive industry has become contested ground as the state of California and the federal government fight to dictate essential policies.   As allowed by…

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Will Apple’s iOS 13 Affect Your Sales Calls?

Apple iphone 6 showing dialing screen. Phone is on a wooden table. White phone with copy space. Voicemail, keypad and contacts icons are visible.

While the launch of the iPhone 11 has generated buzz among Apple users, its new operating system poses a challenge for sales reps. The iOS…

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Honesty Works: How The Public Perceives Car Salespeople

September 26, 2019 / For the Salesman / 0 Comments /
Young Cheerful couple buying new car, talking with financial advisor/car salesperson. Selective focus to young woman smiling. Car salesperson handshake with young man.

Car salespeople have long suffered from something of an image problem. That is, their long-held reputation for being shady, dishonest, and only out to make…

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4 Things Hurting Your Dealership’s CSI

When a car shopper enters the market, they’re not just looking for the right vehicle. They’re also searching for the best dealership to work with….

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